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Booster Club Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2021, 4:45-5:30 p.m.

Meeting via Zoom

Booster Club Members Attendees:

Lisa Mushett (Chair), Nicole Henry (Treasurer), Talia Campbell (Volunteer Coordinator), Christopher Bates, Ginny Bendickson, Maryan Abdinur

Others in attendance: Kristine West, Christine Kroeze, Hajira Siddiqui, Amy Peters, Nalini Chalamalla

Absent: Chad Bartlett

Next Meeting Date: March 8, 2021 (4:45-5:30 p.m.)


Minutes Taker - Ginny Bendickson

Approval of January 2021 Site Council/Booster Club Minutes - Motion: Talia Campbell; Second: Nicole Henry; Minutes approved

Booster Club Financial Report (Nicole)

  • Not a lot of activity in January, fees associated with Attorney General filings that had lapsed/1 deposit

  • Some fees will adjust in February as it belongs to the school

  • Send Nicole any receipts via email please

Old Business & Updates

  • Parent Leader Reports (Chad) - No Parent Leader meeting due to student’s return to classroom learning.

  • GH Site/Booster Club Structure Task Force Update (Lisa) - Lisa has updated the Bylaws with the notes from last meeting. Please review and we can vote on them after our trial with the new format occurs to see if they need any further changes.

  • Eagan Community Cares Scholarship (Lisa) - SC/BC has sponsored this scholarship previously and will do so again this year with a $500 scholarship; received a nice thank-you from last year’s recipient

  • Volunteer Coordinators Report (Talia) - put together bags for all returning teachers and signs/balloons to welcome kids back; can’t do potluck during upcoming assessments but more than $2000 has been donated for gift cards for staff and snacks available in staff room during assessments

    • Food Nights Update (Lisa) – Chipotle Update - Made $451.77; Next food night is February 24 at Panda Express, 1270 Promenade Place, Suite 150; 10:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.; 20% of sales to GH; also looking to do Cane’s, Cafe Zupas and possibly Jersey Mike’s before the end of the year. Amy Peters is going to look at restaurants in Apple Valley and Rosemount as well

    • Community Culture Event Update (Talia) - this year: digital, free cookbook, please submit a recipe; digital slideshow- please submit slide about your culture or language

    • Husky Hustle Update (Talia) - Have three bids for Gaga pit. Will send recommendations to group soon.

    • Carnival Update (N/A) - Group is meeting soon to discuss digital options.

    • School Supply Update (Harija) - None

    • Square 1 Art Update (Raekell) - Sold $750 of product.

    • Box Tops Update (Katie) - Typically in February they count once a week but this year will be different - kids can bring in box tops and they are also using the app; there will be a prize for the winning grade level

New Business

  • Teacher Funding Requests

    • Music Department - Rebecca Hahn is requesting 9 sets of wires for orchestra @15.99. Click here to see product requested. - one-time request to alleviate financial hardship during COVID, Funding APPROVED

  • Site Council Reports/Updates

    • School-Wide Social Events - What can we do in future months? Online vs. In Person?

      • Online Suggestions: Bingo or Game Night? Trivia Night? Online Art Project Night?

      • In person is still not being allowed at this point.

      • Grade-level event instead of entire school for manageability; needs parent leadership; prizes for game winners? Purpose: build community and connect

      • Talia will talk with LeeAnn about art kits

    • Spring Fundraisers (Lisa/Talia)

      • Nothing in person/together (no carnival), will meet to talk about something online

      • 3 more food nights scheduled - any need for a larger fundraiser to take the place of the carnival?

      • Additional food night in Apple Valley - Amy will look into options

    • Other

  • Other Business

  • Motion To Adjourn: Motion: Chris Bates; Second: Nicole Henry

Site Council/Booster Club Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2021; 4:15-5:30 p.m.

Meeting via Zoom

Site Council Members Attendees:

Adriana Henderson (Principal), Jade Gotter (Secretary)

Staff: Alyssa Bartosh, Stephanie Foley, Christine Kroeze, Kyle Schwarting, Tony Sobaskie

Parents: Lisa Mushett (Chair), Sara Benson, Nalini Chalamalla, Kristin Lindstam, Kristine West (Parent Leader)

Absent: Kevin Beckers, Amy Peters, Joe Longtin

Booster Club Members Attendees:

Lisa Mushett (Chair), Nicole Henry (Treasurer), Talia Campbell (Volunteer Coordinator), Chad Bartlett (Parent

Leader), Christopher Bates, Ginny Bendickson, Pathik Shah

Absent: Maryan Abdi, Hajira Siddiqui

Next Meeting Date: February 8, 2021 – Site council (4:10-4:45 p.m.); Booster Club (4:45-5:30 p.m.)


Minutes Taker - Kristin Lindstam

Approval of November 2020 Minutes Motion: Christopher Bates; Second: Chad Bartlett; Minutes Approved by All


Principal’s Report/Celebrations (Adriana & Alyssa)

● Transition to Return To School: We are working on class lists as we transition to in-person learning. Jan

13 is a staff development day. Jan 19/20 are no student contact days as teachers prepare for in-person

learning. Communication to families regarding the new learning model will be sent by the end of the week.

We are still continuing our Digital Academy, but some students have chosen to move to in-person school. If

no learning model was changed, then teachers remain the same. Students will be in this learning model

through the end of the year.

● Grant updates: Through Schipp grant, we are offering professional learning and materials for staff. We are

also offering mindful movement opportunities for families on Zoom. The Peacemakers Foundation has given

a grant for teachers to be able to buy own playground equipment (necessary due to covid restrictions). An

additional $2000 has been received for additional future work.

● Testing Update: Due to the pandemic, a lot of standardized testing is on pause. Blanket letters will come

out to the community as they are available. Questions can be directed to Alyssa. Magnet lottery happened

today, and families will be notified soon if they are accepted at GH for the next school year. Magnet Schools

of America will not be choosing schools for awards this year.

Old Business & Updates

● Parent Leader Reports (Kristine/Chad) - Most of the parent meeting was spent on discussing the

transition to Distance Learning, which is no longer relevant since we are now moving back to in-person

learning. Covid protocols were also discussed. Positive cases should be communicated to the school for

monitoring and tracking. The next meeting would be tomorrow (1/12/21), but it has been cancelled.

● Parent Forum (if requested) - Any parent within the school can come to express concerns. We will be

promoting this in the future.

● GH Site/Booster Club Structure Task Force Update (Lisa) - A group of seven SC/BC members looked

through the bylaws and came up with clear boundaries for the two groups and highlights are listed here.

■ Site Council is made up of admin, teachers, and parents. The SC works with principal and

staff to discuss matters with the school and the school budget and the school’s mission.

■ The Booster Club is the fundraising arm, and is made up of parents only. The eight

members have voting rights about how the money is distributed.

■ The Site Council makes recommendations to the Booster Club.

■ The chair (Lisa) will be the liaison between the two groups.

■ The BC meeting is open to any parent, but the SC is a finite group.

■ The SC can give updates about budget to BC.

■ SC will meet at the beginning of the allotted time. BC would meet afterwards.

■ SC will meet every other month (five times a year).

■ Voting can happen on SC alone, BC alone, or a SC and BC joint vote (such as how to run

the meetings)

■ The chair and the principal and the volunteer coordinator will be in contact with each other

regarding all matters..

■ Even though the groups are separate, SC members are also able to attend the BC

meetings to give feedback. BC values the staff input. Only BC members can vote on how

money is spent.

■ If more than eight parents are interested in being on BC, modifications have been made

for how elections will work. Candidates would complete an application in March/April

(communication would be sent to families). If more than eight, we would notify families that

an election would take place in an open forum at a meeting. SC/BC would elect the new

members. Parent selection to Site Council would follow the same procedure,

■ The treasurer and the chair will have a background check prior to taking the position, paid

for by the BC. The school may choose to do a background check for the volunteer


■ Financial records will be available online so there is more transparency.

■ It is important that members attend. If members miss two or more consecutive meetings

(with no communication given for absence), a discussion may happen between the chair

and the member and possibly the principal (not in a punitive way but to better understand

the situation).

■ SC needs more parent and staff representatives - six parents, chairperson (also a parent),

five staff members (K-2 teacher, 3-5 teacher, one specialist, two at-large (could be

parents), AA, 12 month secretary, and principal.

■ Need to make clear that a parent cannot serve on both Site Council and Booster Group as

we want to have as many parent voices as possible. Lisa will add this in the bylaws.

■ Email Lisa if there are any other suggestions regarding bylaws for both groups -

■ The goal is to have this in place for next school year, but we try a trial run for now. SC will

run from 4:10-4:45. BC will run from 4:45-5:30. Principal report will be done at SC

meeting. Chairperson would share these details with BC. The parent/teacher leader

update will happen at both meetings.

Booster Club Financial Report (Nicole)

● Balance sheet report - $44K in the bank at end of December. Biggest disbursement, $16.2K. Husky Hustle

money is still coming in.

● Issue with Eagan Foundation Scholarship Check - should have been cashed awhile back. $550 will be for a

scholarship this spring (including $50 admin fee).

● We will update financial projections in the spring once we know what is happening with the Carnival.

● Student Council may have separate groups for Digital Academy and in-person school.

Program Updates (As needed) - In the future, if we could have the report for these areas in advance of the meeting

and include them in the agenda and take questions where needed

● Volunteer Coordinators Report (Talia) - See below.

● Food Nights Update (Lisa) – Bay Leaf Indian Cuisine: $292.35; Papa Murphy’s: $234.91 – Both checks

have been received; Next food night: Wednesday, Feb. 3, at Chipotle (3324 Promenade Ave., Ste. 107,

Eagan, 55121); 5-9 p.m. - will receive 33% of proceeds.

● Community Culture Event Update (Talia) - We will have a Digital Cultural Event that spans more than one

night. More detail to come.

● Husky Hustle Update (Talia) - Update will come next month

● Carnival Update (N/A) - No update

● School Supply Update (Harija) - No update

● Square 1 Art Update (Raekell) - No update

● Box Tops Update (Katie) - Box tops won’t do a grade competition this year but will do a schoolwide

competition in February (no contact from volunteers). The committee is meeting next week to discuss what

$$ amount they want to set as a goal and what type of prize is possible that impacts all students both DA

and in-person (spirit day, silly activity by administration or teacher, read in, etc) Remember to download the

boxtops app and it can be used with shipt and delivery apps. Also, Katie is looking for someone to take over

boxtops next year. If you are interested e-mail Talia at ( Paper box

tops will still be accepted.

New Business

● School-wide Online Social Event Follow-Up (Lisa/Talia) - All school digital cookbook, cultural sharing,

etc, will happen this month. What can we do in future months? We want to make our community feel united

even though students are in two different learning models.

● Site Council Diversity Vision & Planning Task Force (Adriana) - We are trying to diversify our parent

voices on Site Council. How can we engage all of our families that want to be a part of a group like this?

What actions do we need to take? No more updates at this time.

● Spring Fundraisers (Lisa/Talia) - Tabled until next month. Plan for virtual events for the time being.

● Amazon Smile can be done through the app, which is much easier to use. We will work to get how to

connect this to family Amazon accounts in our next newsletter.

● We will also send out calendar invites for meetings in the future.

Motion To Adjourn: Motion: Talia Campbell; Second: Tony Sobaskie

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